We open doors.

We make great music, and find that music a home. We love music and we love content. We make both, and are constantly striving to create opportunities for more artists to join the party.

Artist Development

We take great pride in working with artists who we believe are truly special.

Our artist development arm focuses on creating great music and building the artist’s career on all fronts, opening doors into the crazy world known as the music business. We have a modern global approach, building relationships that foster talent and create sustainable futures.

We are proud to be currently working with Andy Golledge and Tenderfoot.




Without the songs, you don’t have much.


At Homestead, we treat the craft of songwriting as our lifeblood; Good songs are our currency. The music business can be a confusing place. When you’ve got the songs and the platform, it all starts to make more sense.


Our services include:


Writing music and compositions for artists.


Production music and publishing opportunities.


Co-writing with artists/writers and/or facilitating co-writes.


Generating songwriting opportunities.

Music Publishing

If you’ve made a great record and the industry’s not responding, send it to us.


Our publishing arm offers independent bands, writers and artists the opportunity to find their music a home. At Homestead we are about music placement. The emphasis on image and fan base doesn’t matter so much on this side of the biz, and in the modern era if you want to make a living from your music, this is a great place to focus. If your music is getting used in the content world, then you’re doing it right.  

Bespoke Music for Content

We love music and we love vision.


With extensive experience in the advertising world, Homestead houses top-end screen composers across all genres. With bespoke compositions our mission is to deliver on-brief works that enhance the creative team’s artistic vision, every time. Our primary focus are TVC’s, online and branded content.


Our clients range from small businesses to global enterprises. Some of our clients to date include QANTAS, Dollar Shave Club, Sydney Opera House, Telstra, HelloFresh, Harley Davidson and Rising Sun Workshop.


In addition to our in-house team, we also have a global network of composers that love working with us so no project is too big or too small. We are always happy to meet tight deadlines and work with budgets to make things happen.

Music Production

Homestead offers production, mixing and mastering services for both commercial music and the content world.


We can deliver to all standards and guidelines, from TV loudness specs through to Spotify and iTunes delivery formats. We use great engineers with access to high-end analogue gear – to give your mix that final touch.


We are proud to offer a world-class recording and mixing studio as part of our service. Built by renowned mastering engineer Paul Stefanidis, the Homestead suite allows us to deliver pristine recordings and mixes. If you’re in Ultimo feel free to swing by- we’d love to meet you!

Contact Us

Get in touch with us – we look forward to working together.